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About Astro Magik

About Me..

Divyaa Sablok is an Indian Tarot Card Reader who is an expert in many occult sciences, including Numerology, Switch words, Astrology, and Reiki Healing. By combining the principles of these disciplines, she is able to make highly accurate and relevant predictions. With her exceptional intuition, she counsels her clients and encourages them to find ways to cope with their problems.

My Journey

My spiritual Journey began when i met my Guru, She not only changed my perspective towards life but also gave me a purpose to live.

Divyaa Sablok

divyaa sablok


To inculcate faith in people in ancient astrological Science by Providing them the best solutions to their problems. I want to Convey the righteousness of this beautiful astrological science in this rapidly developing world that has lost its faith somehow in this spiritual science.


To make occult science as a tool of empowerment for better future Planning. To help people Optimise their efforts, time, talent, and resources.

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Get instant and quick personalized solutions for your problem. Powerful Remedial measures to overcome difficult issues in your life. Contact anytime from any part of the globe?

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