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Astrological Methods to Fight Depression and Anxiety

Astrological Methods to Fight Depression and Anxiety
Astrological Methods to Fight Depression and Anxiety

Astrological Methods to Fight Depression and Anxiety

Astrology is a centuries-old practice that seeks to understand the influence of the planets and stars on human behavior. Some people believe that astrology can be used to help people with depression and anxiety.

There are a few different astrological methods that are said to be helpful for fighting depression and anxiety. One method is to identify the planets that are responsible for these conditions in your birth chart. Once you know which planets are involved, you can take steps to appease them. This might involve wearing certain gemstones, meditating on certain mantras, or performing specific rituals.

Astrology and Mental Health

Depression can afflict a person due to malefic position or weak strength of planets & stars in their horoscope. But astrology can help overcome depression. The placement of planets in the horoscope can make a person restless with anxiety as they are not able to handle stress since they lack mental strength. Astrology is an ancient practice that studies the correlation between celestial bodies and human experiences. It acknowledges that the positions of the planets, zodiac signs, and their aspects can influence our emotions, behavior, and overall well-being. Depression not only weakens a person mentally but also destroys his ability to think.

How can the causes of depression be determined astrologically?

Moon is the significator of the mind. Moon in the celestial cosmos, is receptive to everything that may be good or bad in nature and is happening in any individual surrounding. The combination of the moon with other planets can make one the receiver of happy or unhappy emotions, as a response to any given situation or event in life, and in this manner can be the cause of depression.

  • A debilitated Moon can also induce depression in an otherwise healthy and happy person when they fail in their profession or personal life. They will tend to brood over their problem rather than focus on finding solutions to overcome them.
  • Moon’s association with malefic celestial bodies like Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu can pave the way for depression.
  • The combination of moon-Saturn can make the person restricted in nature, where one would want to stay alone, with the extra burden of restricted emotions.
  • Moon indicates peace and happiness, but the Moon-Ketu combination indicates our subconscious thinking process. Ketu represents the south node of the Moon and it is not considered a heavenly body with shape or mass like other planets; so, it compels us to think beyond the materialistic world
  • Moon’s placement in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house in conjunction with any malefic planet or alone is not a positive position and can cause depression.

Troublesome Nakshatras for Moon

  • Ashlesha Nakshatra is positioned in Moon’s own sign Cancer but it can be responsible for emotional turbulence in a person’s life.
  • Moon in Vishakha Nakshatra in any horoscope indicates the loss of mental stability due to jealousy or a person may capitulate to depression.

How to fight depression Astrologically

  • Every planet has its own color and likewise silver is the color of the Moon. Anxiety caused by the weakening of the moon can be cured if you drink water from silver utensils.
  • I recommend, wearing a Moonstone as it reaps good results in curing mental instability and emotional uneasiness. Those who want to get rid of mental illness put a double-faced rudraksha in a silver locket and wear it on Monday. By doing this, you will be under the grace of Lord Shiva and you will get rid of depression. Donate rice, sugar, kheer, etc .this will strengthen your moon and you will get rid of mental diseases.
  • Read Shiv Chalisa and chant “Om Namah Shivay” 108 times daily.
  • Jal and Doodh Abhishekh to shivling every morning as it will benefit their mental health.
  • Ask your astrologer to do remedies to strengthen your 5th house as it will strengthen your emotional and intellectual ability.

Crystals that can help you battle Anxiety & Depression

Amethyst crystal

This crystal is associated with crown chakra ans third eye chakra .relieving stress and anxiety , this gorgeous crystal with its strong cleansing powers balances your mood swings and transforms one in a positive way.

Agate crystal

Known to be the most powerful crystal Agate is available in plenty of shades. With its calming properties, eases depression, uplifts confidence level, clears mind from toxic energies, aid you to recover from trauma, and makes you feel secure.

Bronzite crystal

Also known as the stone of focused energy will deviate your mind towards positive thinking and align your thinking process.

Yellow Quartz crystal

It regulates your decisive abilities and most importantly it increases the feeling of self-worth which is one of the most important factors which helps to cure depression.


Mothers’ horoscope has inclined effects on a child’s horoscope and Moon is known as the mother in the horoscopes therefore it’s my due advice to have a good relationship with your mother. If your mother has passed away, you can share that bond with any elderly woman and gift her clothes or flowers, and feed her sweets on Mondays.

(Divyaa Sablok )